Cassina Utrecht

  • The Utrecht chair is one of Rietveld’s few upholstered chairs that was actually taken into production. The chair, with armrests that merge into the front legs, was sold by Metz & Co. in Amsterdam in 1936. The seat and the backrest come together at an angle to form the back leg. The first edition was covered in dark-brown canvas and was finished with a clearly visible festoon stitch. After the war, Metz & Co. brought the chair back into production, but this time using a felt covering with the same distinctive white stitching. In 1988, one hundred years after Rietveld’s birth, Cassina Utrecht started producing the chair again. The Cassina Utrecht chair is available in a wide variety of upholsteries. Please visit the Cassina site for more information. Starts at € 2735,- Order