RIETVELD Originals has issued this Limited Edition of the Steltman to celebrate its 50th anniversary as well as the rerelease of the chair. It is the first time that the chair is available in the original leather version as designed by Rietveld. The exclusive edition consists of just 50 right-facing and 50 left-facing chairs, produced in two special leather versions: the original white leather, but also a distinctive gray-brown version. The original logo that Rietveld designed for Steltman Jewelers in 1964 is featured beneath the seat. Each chair comes with an exclusive gift box containing information about the history of the chair, photos and a certificate signed by Rietveld’s grandson Egbert Rietveld.

In 1963, Johannes Steltman, a jeweler in The Hague, commissioned Rietveld to refurbish his shop on the Noordeinde. Rietveld had extensive experience in the refurbishment of shops, often opening up the façade in order to attract customers. For Steltman, the work focused mainly on the interior. However, it soon became clear that Rietveld’s austere design was too modern for Steltman’s conservative clientele and most of the design elements were removed a few years later. Nonetheless, Rietveld’s chairs, designed for couples to sit on when they picked their wedding rings, became world famous. The two asymmetrical chairs are each other’s mirror image and together form a unit – a beautiful symbol for the future spouses. One of the two original Steltman chairs is on display at the recently reopened Rijksmuseum. This new edition of the Steltman shows that we aim to recreate these pieces today in their original form. Thanks to improved technique and material use, we have delivered a product that we are proud of!

You can order your own Steltman Limited Edition for € 3,745. Alternatively, you can contact one of our partners listed below.

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The Steltman Limited Edition is also on display and available at Edha interieur, Willemsparkweg 9 in Amsterdam.
In addition, the chair is available from the partners listed below.

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